GE2Murray’s second book continues to lay a solid foundation for developing technique, learning to read and for playing various styles of music. The book is laid out like this…

Straight Stuff – Advanced – We explore the world of Advanced Rock Drumming with concepts such as Rudimental Grooves, Right Hand Lead fills, Paradiddle Grooves, Over the Bar Line Grooves and Displaced Backbeats.

Swung Stuff – Advanced – We elaborate on the Beats and Fills for Blues, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop drumming. This section also includes Murray’s Triplet Style Rock section.

Latin Stuff – Advanced – We start with Ska and Reggae before moving on to amazing rhythms like Samba, Mambo and Bembe.

Crazy Stuff – Advanced – This section includes Artificial Notes, Odd Meters and Linear Drumming.

Check out Murray’s video on Samba…