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Here are Murray’s educational drum books. You can purchase these books at Groove Studios or they can be found at music stores across Canada. Contact us for locations. You can also purchase online with PayPal, which also supports most major credit cards.  Shipping and handling will be added through your online PayPal transaction.  Any questions, please contact us.


Murray’s first book focuses on laying a solid foundation. Developing technique, learning to read and play various styles of music. The book is laid out like this…

– Basics – You will learn Rudiments, Beats and Fills for Rock, Blues and Jazz drumming.

– Straight Stuff – Intermediate – We explore Rock Drumming with Murray’s concepts Move the Bass, Move the Snare, Move the Accents, Grooves and the Time Keeper.

– Swung Stuff – Intermediate – We delve further into the Beats and Fills for Blues and Jazz and introduce Funk and Hip Hop drumming.

Check out Murray’s Move the Bass concept…

$35.00 (CAD)

Murray’s second book continues to lay a solid foundation for developing technique, learning to read and for playing various styles of music. The book is laid out like this…

– Straight Stuff – Advanced – We explore the world of Advanced Rock Drumming with concepts such as Rudimental Grooves, Right Hand Lead fills, Paradiddle Grooves, Over the Bar Line Grooves and Displaced Backbeats.

– Swung Stuff – Advanced – We elaborate on the Beats and Fills for Blues, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop drumming. This section also includes Murray’s Triplet Style Rock section.

– Latin Stuff – Advanced – We start with Ska and Reggae before moving on to amazing rhythms like Samba, Mambo and Bembe.

– Crazy Stuff – Advanced – This section includes Artificial Notes, Odd Meters and Linear Drumming.

Check out Murray’s Samba groove…

$35.00 (CAD)

Double Bass

$35.00 (CAD)


$20.00 (CAD)


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